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Body Buffer

Body Buffer

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Our Body Buffer is a hypoallergenic, flexible bristled scrubbing brush designed to exfoliate, cleanse and renew the skin! Reveal healthy, fresh skin without stripping your natural barrier thanks to our high quality silicone. This tool is antibacterial and dishwasher-safe making it a long lasting, quick drying, sustainable solution that is 35x more hygienic than a loofah or washcloth!


Food grade silcione: hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, odor-resistant, mold-resistant & stain-resistant; sustainable and recyclable!

Use & Care Instructions

Use: Wet the Body Buffer and apply a quarter size amount of your favorite liquid soap. Apply to the skin in circular motions and wash as you would with a regular loofah or washcloth. The tool’s design is ideal for softening rough areas such as the elbows, knees and feet.

Care: Simply rinse and hang, or set out to dry. Should you feel that the tool needs a deeper clean, place it in the dishwasher in the top rack and run a regular wash cycle.


4.0" diameter

1.5" height


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Heather Nobbe
Body buffer

I am thrilled with my body buffer I'm noticing that my dry skin on my legs is 100% better.

Casey Customer
100% Recommend

I upgraded to this body buffer from my loofah and it is amazing! Still get the exact same clean plus exfoliation now ANDDDD no need to replace every few months. Definitely recommend

Judith Salopek
Really Helps!

I bought this for my elderly father that is suffering from skin flaking issues on his face and scalp. It's perfect! It gently buffs away all the embarrassing flakes without being too tough on his thinner skin. He said it helps so much, he would like to use it in case of mosquito bites this summer. :)

Adam Marsch
Bought this for my grandpa

I know it sounds weird, but I actually bought this for my grandpa because as he is getting older his skin is starting to really flake and get irritated. A loofah is too harsh and the washcloths stay wet and get gross. I gave this to him and he loved it! It is the cutest thing how he talks about it all the time and tells other people about it in his assisted care facility

Brittany Pacsi
My new favorite shower accessory!

I used this now in place of my shower loofah. Every few months my loofah would eventually break down and I hated the thought of causing so much waste to constantly replace it. Once I saw that this was long-lasting, sustainable AND 35x more hygienic, I gave it a try and LOVE IT. Soft on my skin but still does a good job of buffing my bod. lol

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