Our Story

We are a small, woman-owned business on a mission to create helpful, everyday tools using safe, effective materials.

We only use food-grade silicone that dries instantly, is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, will not stain, and is dishwasher safe! These essentials are the game changers your skincare routine has been missing.

Liquilinks started after years struggling with thyroid abnormalities, autoimmune disease and a psoriasis skin diagnosis. Determined for better, I committed to a clean lifestyle including nutrition, environment and skincare. I grew healthier, but one issue persisted: my psoriasis.

Flaky, irritated skin made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. I delved into my skincare regimen and began watching countless YouTube tutorials.  There, I noticed that so many of these skincare gurus, who religiously wash their face, were having the same issue as me: wet sleeves, messy countertops, and damaged jewelry from the soapy water used to wash. A lightbulb went off!I took the food-grade silicone bibs that my chilren wear while eating and began cutting them up, snapped them onto my wrists, and voila! A dream was born...

Today, Liquilinks is more than just silicone bibs or even dry sleeves. It is a commitment to clean; keeping you and your world mess-free!