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Say goodbye to wet sleeves and soaked countertops! Our patent-pending LiquiBands are functional wristbands with a watertight seal used to capture liquid, prevent it from running down your arms, and divert it away for a clean, dry, washing experience. Whether you are washing your face, the dishes, or the dog, these will ensure you stay mess free! Unlike cloth wristbands, LiquiBands dry instantly, will not stain and will not deteriorate. The bracelets are lightweight, comfortable and flexible ensuring they will fit any wrist size and glide on smoothly.


Food grade silcione: hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, odor-resistant, mold-resistant & stain-resistant, sustainable and recyclable!

Use & Care Instructions

Use: Turn your hand sideways with your thumb facing the ceiling and your pinky facing the floor. Slide each LiquiBand onto your wrist, one at a time, with the spout facing downward toward your pinky. Pull the bracelet onto your arm until you have achieved a comfortable fit and water-tight seal (Usually about 1 to 2 inches above your wrist). You're ready to wash!

Care: Simply rinse and hang, or set out to dry. Should you feel that the LiquiBands needs a deeper clean, place them in the dishwasher in the top rack and run a regular wash cycle.


5.7" length

4.0" width

1.5" height


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Alissa A.

I love liquibands. They're great quality. I love how these are resuable, fit perfect on the wrist, easy to clean and air dry. These made me throw out the cloth-like ones I used to own, I hate the feeling of wet cloth and these being a soft silicone feel great. The colors to!

Felicia Emmons
These work!

I am shocked to report that these actually do work! I have ruined my bathroom cabinets with water dripping down and swelling the wood. I knew I needed a solution to make it stop so I found liquilinks. Completely stopped water from dripping down my arms and on to the floors and cabinets. Thank you for inventing this product!!

Liquilinks for the win!

Great product! These are awesome and solve a problem I have always tried to fix! They're soft and lightweight making them easy to travel with, and they are a great price point. I bought them as gifts for my mother, sisters, and sister in law and they love them as well!

Michael Goldenbogen
Links for oil changes

I plan to use these so engine oil does not drip down to my elbows.

Love My Liquilinks!

Finally ordered these after watching social media for awhile. My bathroom sink counter top was always so wet after face washing. Not only do my arms stay dry but the countertop is less wet too. I ordered a second pair for my 6 year old daughter so she is equipped with face washing necessities when she is older!

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